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UPDATE: Thanks to all of the incredible support we have received over the last few months, The Bank of the Cascades has seen how much the theater means to the community and has extended us credit to keep the theater open! This is great news because it means we will very soon be installing our digital projectors and keeping up with the latest films!
We still need to sell our horseshoes, but they are going fast. Make sure everyone knows their chance to be part of Prineville history won’t last forever.
The Pine Theater is a story of small-town survival in the face of tribulation. In 1938, the theater opened and became the second theater operating in downtown (in addition to the Lyric Theater). When the Lyric closed due to fire damage in 1966 the Pine was the only place residents could easily see a movie. But in 1980, the theater was shut down due to a minor building code issue For the next 25 years, the building languished unused. That was until 2007, when a dedicated Ali & Oniko Mehrabi managed to rescue the theater. Since then, the theater has once reclaimed its reputation as a cherished part of Prineville, opening a second screen in 2011.


Our goal is to provide a fun, safe & friendly place for the city for many, many years to come. However, Hollywood has placed an almost insurmountable barrier in front of small community theaters, such as ours. They have dictated that ALL theaters MUST use digital projectors, as they will no longer be making traditional film versions of movies. Technology is great and we believe that digital projection can provide a fantastic viewing experience. The problem is that the technology is VERY expensive; and while movie studios are happy to financially assist large theater chains (who bring in billions for Hollywood) with the technology upgrades, they have left small independent theaters helpless on the side of the road. WE NEED YOUR HELP to keep this historic theater open.
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Horseshoe Campaign

Cement your place in Prineville history! When you donate $400 to the Horseshoe Campaign to save the Pine Theater, you get a custom engraved horseshoe embedded into the sidewalk in front of the theater entrance. And make sure to visit our Kickstarter campaign!
A big THANK YOU to the amazing businesses, families, and individuals that have donated so far:

Listen to this podcast interview with Oniko Mehrabi on Prineville People.


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